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Strategic Agility

Agile Strategies is a flexible model for strategic planning and execution that accepts and embraces the uncertainty of important trends affecting your organization and its goals, engages stakeholders in the conversation, and adapts nimbly when it's time for course correction.

Imagine a school of fish. Have you ever noticed how quickly — and collectively — they pivot and head in a new direction in response to opportunity or threat? What makes them so agile? Are they following a strategic plan??

Strategic Agility: Engagement


You might have the smartest strategy in the world, but Engagement makes the difference between success and failure.  It’s about facing and overcoming the personal and interpersonal obstacles that make that difference. Engagement means always listening to the voices of customers, employees and other important players.  This dramatically increases your team’s collective intelligence, and their commitment to the job and the customer.

It’s also about paying attention to your own gut, heart and intuition – what we call Inner Agility. Inner Agility is the ninja-like strength and awareness needed to stand and act in the face of complexity and uncertainty.

We’ll teach you to:

  • Design and run planning projects that engage a range of employees, customers and other stakeholders
  • Build your team’s capacity to make and manage effective commitments to each other and the customer
  • Challenge stale assumptions and mental models about the business you're in 
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As a General Manager in the hotel industry where the product is an experience created by the line level employee, I welcomed an approach to strategic management and planning that included all levels of the organization, which made buy in and ownership on all levels a great deal easier.
- Yhasmine Remy-Hylton
, General Manager
, Sunswept Resorts, St. Lucia

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