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Strategic agility is a set of practices for sensing and adapting to change - while keeping focus on your long term intention. Read about our services here.

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1) Taking the Pulse

Strategic agility depends on having the right value proposition and supporting that with everything you do.  We work with a number of state of the art listening tools for organizational culture, net promoter score, and alignment.

Some of the questions we explore include:

  • Are you sensing and responding to signals from your market?  
  • Do all your employees understand and buy in to the strategy?
  • Is leadership reinforcing strategy?
  • Do you have the right metrics to know if you’re on track?
  • Do your business processes support your value proposition?
  • Do you have the right people and capacity in place?
  • Are you able to shift focus nimbly and powerfully when needed?

2) Minimum Viable Strategy

Today, strategy has to be lean and iterative. The execution of strategy is a continuous process of sensing and responding to change. Agile businesses are moving away from detailed, long term plans towards a concise statement of strategic intent that can fit on one page.  This intent captures your thinking about who your customers are, your value proposition, and the ways you will fulfill it. We spend less time designing a detailed plan up front, and more time coaching you through an ongoing process of setting and refining goals based on feedback.

Elements of the Minimum Viable Strategy include:

  • A statement of long-term Purpose or Mission
  • Who your customers are
  • Your value proposition
  • The values and practices that support delivering on that
  • A measurable and inspiring vision of the near future

3) Enterprise Scorecard

The near future vision is captured in a set of enterprise-level Objectives and Key Results.  This is an evolution and rethinking of the balanced scorecard, which we’ve worked with for over 15 years.  The balanced scorecard is a proven way to create a line of sight to the vision and strategy.  It addresses the way you will build the organization, people and processes to deliver on your value proposition.  Balanced metrics help you track not only the “hard” measures of success like revenue, cost, and efficiency. They also address the intangibles that typically make up more than 80% of market value: the quality of leadership, customer relationships, and internal structures.  The enterprise scorecard creates objectives and measurable results across four perspectives: 

  • Financial performance
  • Customer and stakeholder attitudes and behavior
  • Critical business processes
  • Organizational capacity and learning

4) Team Objectives and Key Results (OKRs)

This is where the rubber meets the road. At the working team level we coach you through a formal quarterly cycle of: 

  • Setting 1-3 aspirational objectives
  • Defining measurable key results for each
  • Tracking progress through regular conversations
  • Learning from experience and new information
  • Reframing for the next quarter

This approach - pioneered in Silicon Valley firms including Intel, Google and LinkedIn - brings agility into the strategy management process. Each team designs their own OKRs in a way that builds creativity, engagement and commitment while contributing to the enterprise vision. These goals are shared and refined transparently to ensure synergy and alignment with other teams. At the end of each quarter, OKRs are reviewed and reset in the light of new learnings and market information.

5) Sustaining Agility

Competitive advantage is fleeting.  A strategy management system must continuously rebalance market change, new opportunities, organizational learning and commitments through a regular cadence. Any strategic plan begins to lose relevance as soon as it’s printed.  In fact, strategy formulation and strategy execution are two sides of the same coin, a continuous process of learning and adapting.

We help you create a strategy management system that includes:

  • A regular cadence of conversation that maximizes the flow of strategically relevant information among the right people
  • Practices for making and managing action commitments
  • Integration of strategy into other planning processes, especially budgeting
  • Reinforcing a culture of strategic thinking



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