Every organization is unique, and we work closely with you to adapt our proven toolkit to your needs.
  • Planning techniques for uncertainty and complexity
  • Building focus on business outcomes and stakeholder value
  • Navigating through business transformations, such as post-merger integration
We are at the forefront of business agility research and work with emerging tools that maximize strategic awareness and adaptive action.
  • Digital solutions for organizational listening, pulse-taking and alignment
  • Disciplined, customer-focused experimentation
  • Agile portfolio and project management
We offer practices for building alignment and commitment throughout your enterprise.
  • Clarifying purpose and values
  • Organizational culture assessment
  • Meeting design and facilitation

How We Work With You

We typically work with only 3-4 clients at a time, in a close coaching relationship with senior leaders that features training, strategy clarification, and hand crafting of strategy management practices. Although our approach is industry-agnostic, our deepest experience and affinity is in service enterprises that interface with customers in real time, including healthcare, hospitality, professional services, and government.

Dan Montgomery

All our engagements are led by Dan Montgomery, Managing Director. Dan has been training, facilitating and coaching in strategic planning, performance management, balanced scorecard, leadership, and organization development for over 15 years, following earlier careers in information technology and human resources.

Proven, Rigorous Tools

We work with proven, rigorous tools, including Balanced scorecard; OKRs (Objective and Key Results); SchellingPoint alignment optimization technology; Denison Organizational Culture Survey and more...

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